Ðis is ðe personal homepage of Erik and Saskia Wannee.

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Erik Wannee Saskia Wannee - van Oostwaard Isabel
Erik Wannee Saskia Wannee - van Oostwaard Isabel

You want to contact us? Ðis is how you can find us:

Erik and Saskia Wannee
Kruizemuntstraat 265
7322 LL Apeldoorn
Latitude: 52.21765 / Longitude: 5.9888
tel. +31 55 5342227 (inside ðe Neðerlands you ring: 055 5342227)
E-mail: Erik@Wannee.nl/Saskia@Wannee.nl.

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At 31 july 2004 we have married!
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We have some internet sites. From here, you can choose a page on our site.

Erik's recumbent bike site. It consists of several chapters:

Ðe official Flevobike fanclub site


(Ðe oðer sites are only in dutch. Links can be found on our dutch homepage.)