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This is the Recumbent bike site of Erik Wannee.

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Since 1990, I have been active in designing, building and riding recumbents. And I think I can tell you something interesting about that.
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Variations on the theme 'Flevobike': During the last years I was continuously building and improving my FlevoBike and -trike. All these improvements are illustrated systematically.
FlevoBike fanclub logo The official Flevobike Fanclub site: You can find lots of information about Flevobikes, links and a big collection of pictures of all kinds of home made flevo's, variants and improvements.
Moreover, there are building plans to make your own Flevo.

Rear wheel steered vehicles: I made an inventarisation of the facts and pictures I could find about rear wheel steering; especially about rear wheel steered bikes (RWSB's). There is a separate page about rear wheel steered trikes. ABT-1
bike carrier Bike carriers on cars: This page describes bike carriers to be placed on top of a car roof, that I have designed and built recumbent bikes. Later, I hope to add more general information (and more pictures!) about these bike carriers.
Some interesting links outside of my own site:

'Bentfolks ’Bentfolks: An international list of all english language amateur internet sites about HPV's, operated by Kathy Bilton.
Timothy Smith's "Recumbent Cycle Component Design & Construction": A page with very many interesting links to HPV construction sites.

Roger Gilmore's "Unusual Human Powered Vehicles": Another link page with many links to sites about all imaginable HPV's, such as rowing bikes, ice bikes, (sub)marine hpv's etc. etc.
Contains a large list of HPV patents as well.

IHPVA-logo Main page of the IHPVA (International Human Powered Vehicle Association): The international organisation that binds an increasing number of national HPV organisations.
LigfietsPlaza: The dutch site about Human Powered Vehicles, cooperating with the NVHPV (dutch association for HPV's). ligfiets plaza
Toni's homepages list Dutch homepages: A well designed and actual list of links to all dutch homepages about HPV's, operated by Toni Cornelissen.
Most of them are in dutch but some are (partially) in english. But: Even if you don't understand dutch language it can be interesting to visit these sites, because of the pictures.
Flevobike Technology. This is the company that has produced the Flevo-Bike and the Flevo-Trike (and many more models) until the year 2000. In that year, the production and selling of all their models has been taken over by several other companies. The Flevobike Technology company is now preparing to make a new start, with the production of a computer and robot produced velomobile, called 'Versatile'. FlevoBike Technology
logo Ligfietsshop Tempelman The production, distribution and service of the Flevo-Bike and -Trike is since 2000 in hands of Ligfietsshop Tempelman. Apart from these models, this company is dealer of many other types of HPV's.
Tip: This company sells many recumbent parts for homebuilders. They have a post order service as well.

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